Travis Stegall

  1. Travis Stegall


we are dedicated to improving the lives of all that are around us

Our mentors and volunteer staff includes community leaders, businessmen and women, spiritual leaders, and a multitude of dynamic individual dedicated to improving the lives of our participants.

T.R. Stegall Education Foundation provides access to post secondary education,GED prep, and funding to improve the life of minorities around the ...

T.R. Stegall Education Foundation  seeks to actively reduce recidivism and poverty throughout minority communities across the nation.





"... we will teach them better, so they will do better"

                                                         - Travis Stegall

  • GED preparation
  • Vocational Training
  • IT Certifications
  • Physical/Mental Health
  • Workforce Development
  • Family/Lifestyle Counseling 

Through our partners we are lucky to be able to  provide resource training all around the United States.

Why don't you " Help those that are Helping themselves" a little bit goes a long way!